What people think of Rendition Infosec

Rendition Infosec provided superior service, well under budget. It’s rare that a firm over delivers while staying well under budget, but that’s exactly what happened here. We’ll definitely be working with them again.


Rendition Infosec performed forensics after a breach helping us to quickly identify issues that another firm had missed.  Another firm also brought several systems into scope that weren’t compromised.  Rendition quickly identified these false positives and removed them from the scope saving us tens of thousands of dollars in incident response costs.

After attackers breached our network, we tried twice without success to get the attackers out ourselves.  Later, we brought in another firm to assist.  A month later, we found they also failed to get the cyber attackers out.  We should have called Rendition Infosec the first time. They quickly assessed the situation and removed the attackers from the network when nobody else could.

We have had several penetration tests, but none as thorough or professional as the one we received from Rendition Infosec.  They got into the network and found vulnerabilities that we never would have found simply by running an automated scanner.  Today, our networks are far more secure thanks to Rendition Infosec.

Rendition Infosec Services

Why Rendition Infosec?

Rendition Infosec provides world class information security services. We’re not the biggest firm out there and we don’t want to be. Maintaining world class quality with a workforce of hundreds or thousands can be difficult – really difficult. Our principal consultants train the people that the larger firms send to run up hours during your incident.

If you want a cookie cutter solution, go talk to one of the big consulting firms (we all know the names). They can certainly help you.  Just like a “one size fits all” hospital gown will get the job done for most people, anyone who has worn one will agree they don’t provide optimal coverage.  Instead of a cookie cutter solution, Rendition will examine your unique requirements and build a custom solution to address your needs. Why are custom solutions important? Rendition regularly cleans up the messes left behind by the other guys.


Why is the company named Rendition Infosec?

We liked the play on words and the fact that the word “Rendition” has a double meaning.  The first meaning is to perform – and do we ever perform. Just read some of our client testimonials. We’ve worked jobs from huge to small, and provided custom solutions on every job.  So you could say we provide a unique “Rendition” of information security.  We’ll leave the second meaning to you.


Why is your tag line “security by any legal means?”

Because it sounds way cooler than “no cookie cutter solutions” (and that’s really what it’s all about).  We obviously won’t break the law to secure your network, but we’ll do everything that’s legal to ensure your security.  Where others look to deploy “cookie cutter” and hope it works for your environment, Rendition deploys custom solutions that virtually guarantee the success of your infosec projects.