Network or endpoint monitoring – if you can only do one, which one?

Earlier this week, I posed a question using a Twitter poll. Yes, I know about sampling bias. I won’t pretend for a minute there isn’t some sampling bias in my data set, but the results are interesting nonetheless.  I’ll note that when it comes to sampling bias, I’m okay with the bias that my Twitter […]

Infosec Advent Challenge #14 posted – Linux syslog analysis

We’ve posted the 14th challenge in the “Infosec Advent” series. This one is a Linux server intrusion case. You get syslog and auth.log. Unfortunately that’s all that was being forwarded. We have some Linux syslog and authentication logs download here. Download and analyze the logs for signs of intrusion. Based on the log data, let us […]

Challenge #13 posted – web server intrusion analysis

We’ve posted the 13th challenge in the “Infosec Advent” series. This one is a web server intrusion case where we will ask you to analyze the logs and let us know what you find. We have a set of web server logs that you can download here. Download and analyze the logs for signs of […]

Introducing Infosec Advent

Rendition Infosec is sponsoring a new contest this holiday season to up your infosec skills and make you think (at least a little) about infosec each day. We’re calling the challenge “Infosec Advent” and have set aside $1,000 in prizes to sweeten the pot for those who wish to participate. In all honesty, it would […]

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