FaceTime Vulnerability – Enterprise Concerns

There’s a nasty FaceTime vulnerability that allows anyone to turn an iPhone into a surveillance tool. Exploiting the vulnerability couldn’t be easier (its so easy a child can do it). Just FaceTime the victim, then while the phone is ringing swipe up and add your number as another party on the call. This activates the […]

Restarting cybersecurity after the government shutdown (temporarily)

Today we got news that a deal has been reached to reopen the government with a short term funding bill that will allow lawmakers to negotiate while the government is open. But there’s only three weeks of funding in the short term bill and it’s completely reasonable to think that another shutdown is imminent (e.g. […]

PHP PEAR Backdoor Discovered

On January 19th, the maintainers of the popular PHP package management system disclosed that they had discovered a backdoor in an installer component named go-pear.phar. The PEAR website is still down as of today and maintainers state that they have no ETA for when a clean site will be on line. Although initial indications were […]

DHS orders DNS security for federal agencies
  • January 23, 2019 by RenditionSec
  • DNS, MFA

DHS has ordered that federal agencies must update the security of their DNS, all while the government shutdown continues. The move is in response to reports from FireEye and Talos that attackers have been compromising DNS and using that access to issue fraudulent TLS certificates. During incident response engagements with Rendition Infosec customers, we have […]

Jonathan Ham Joins Rendition Infosec

Today, we are proud to announce that Jonathan Ham is is joining Rendition Infosec as our new Threat Hunting Operations Lead. Jonathan is a network forensics and defensive cyber operations expert with more than two decades of experience in the field. Jonathan literally wrote the book on network forensics (as well as the first mainstream […]

51% Attack on Ethereum Classic

In this webcast, we discuss the 51% attack on the cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic. There are multiple concerns when implementing a blockchain that come from any decentralized proof of work platform. We strongly advise clients to consider the following before deploying a blockchain solution: Do you benefit from having a decentralized ledger? How? How will you […]

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