The Rendition Infosec Difference

Our mission is to deliver best in class services and training focused around your business needs. We are comprised of some of the world's most experienced cyber security experts from the military, intelligence community, private industry, and Department of Defense.

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Who are we?

    Rendition is founded and staffed by former NSA, DoD, and US Cyber Command operators. Our unique experiences in some of the most challenging security environments on the planet allow us to provide our clients with unparalleled capabilities to protect and defend against the most malicious cybersecurity threats. After all, who better to find the most dangerous cyber adversaries than those who have been the most dangerous cyber adversaries?

Services Offered

Rendition specializes in the following four pillars

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Data breaches can be costly events, impacting your customers and bottom line. Rendition has the forensics expertise to assist in any investigation.

Red Team & Offensive Based Operations

Sometimes the best defense is a great offense. Rendition believes that using offensive methods for identifying vulnerabilities and risks will move your company from a reactive model to a proactive one.


Are you looking for training that focuses on the latest technologies in both red team and blue team? Rendition provides on campus training. If requested, we can even provide companies with inhouse training.

Manage|Detection|Response Services

Looking to migrate to a MSSP|MDR Provider? Rendition runs a 24/7 SOC located in Augusta, GA that focuses on managing client security infrastructure.

Rendition's Team

Rendition's team is always growing and looking for new talent. If you are interested then View Rendition's Open Positions

Jake Williams

President & Founder


Jake Williams is a computer science and information security expert, U.S. Army veteran, certified SANS instructor, and course author. Jake has over a decade of experience in secure network design; penetration testing, incident response, forensics, and malware reverse engineering space. He is a former Network Exploitation operator with the DoD where he is one of less than 15 people to date who have earned the designation of ‘Master CNE Operator’. Leveraging experience and insight with advanced persistent threats help Jake "think like the attacker" and determine the attacker's likely hiding spots.

Brandon McCrillis

Chief Executive Officer


Brandon McCrillis is a Cyber Security professional, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and former U.S Air Force Government Civilian. He is a former Network Exploitation operator with the DoD, Senior Technical Lead for Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and Team Lead while standing up U.S. Cyber Command's Cyber Mission Forces. Brandon has led a team of over 150 of multi-disciplined cyber operators, to conduct more than 10,000 operations globally, and now assists organizations, of all sizes and verticals, to better understand business risks and build industry-leading information security programs.

Brandon Helms

Chief Operations Officer


Brandon Helms has dedicated most of his career to leading some of the most advanced cyber operations for both the DoD and private sector. Brandon was a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy where he ran IT and security operations for submarines and then transitioned into a technical director at the NSA. After his military career, Brandon entered the private sector as a Business Information Security Officer supporting numerous Nation States and Fortune 500 companies. Today, he focuses most of his attention training the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Jonathan Ham

Threat Hunting Operations Lead


Jonathan Ham is a network forensics and defensive cyber operations expert with more than two decades in the field. Jonathan literally wrote the book on network forensics (as well as the first mainstream instruction on the topic), based on his experience advising in both the public and private sectors, from small startups to the Fortune 50, the U.S. DoD across multiple forces, and several other U.S. federal agencies. As a Principal Instructor with the SANS Institute, he instructs hundreds of students annually on network intrusion detection, security operations, and perimeter defense.

James Morris

Offensive Cyber Operations Lead


James Morris is an exploit developer and leads Rendition's offensive cyber operations division. Over the past decade, James has led red teams for Fortune 100 companies, discovered zero-days, and created training courses focused in offensive operations. In his free time, James works to enlighten and transform central Florida into a cyber security hub. Currently, James has created a local security meetup called "SwanCitySec" where he conducts mini conferences focused around the latest security threats to the community.

Brice Self

Training and Physical Assessments Lead


Brice Self is a Cyber Security professional, specializing in physical security, social engineering, wireless (802.11) security, incident response, malware analysis, and digital forensics. Prior to joining Rendition Infosec, Brice served in the U.S. Navy where he acquired his network security specialties, extensive tactical training, and tradecraft. Brice has also shared his cyber security experience speaking at numerous conferences and continues to share his experience with his local Cyber Security community.

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