Communicating Infosec Through Analogy

Rendition founder Jake Williams presented at Hacker Halted 2020 on communicating information security topics through analogies. This is especially important when we must communicate extremely technical content with decidedly non-technical people like executives. In the talk, Williams highlights the importance of finding common ground with your audience. While many infosec practitioners advocate trying to educate […]

Potential Cyber Insurance Issues

In this video, we discuss the risks of attempting to mitigate risk through cybersecurity insurance. To highlight this problem, we walk through a recent case where an insurer challenged an email fraud claim stating that because social engineering (rather than malware) caused the victim to be exploited that there was no covered loss. The court […]

New Destructive Iranian Cyberattack – “Dustman”

News of a new destructive cyberattack targeting Saudi interests was published on January 7, 2020. The attack, likely from the government of Iran, took place in the Kingdom on December 29, 2020. The Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority published a technical analysis of the malware, Dustman, that was used for file wiping. In this video, we […]

Updating The Iranian Cyber Threat Assessment

In this video, Rendition founder Jake Williams (@MalwareJake) and Brandon McCrillis (@13M4C) discuss how the launch of ballistic missiles from Iran into Iraq changes the cyber threat picture. In short, we don’t think much has changed. It is possible that the risk from hacktivists not controlled or directed by the Iranian government has increased, but […]

Iranian Cyber Threat – Action Plan

In light of the killing of General Soleimani, there has been rampant speculation about what responses Iran might take and whether those would include cyberattacks. While we can’t know for sure what Iran will do, we assess with moderate confidence that: Iran will operate as a rational actor Iran benefits from avoiding a kinetic escalation […]

Assessing the Iran Cyber Threat

At Rendition Infosec, we’ve fielded a number of calls from clients asking about the Iranian cyber threat in the wake of the Soleimani killing. In this video, we walk through likely targeting as well as action steps you can take to respond to the threat. It should go without saying, but any assessments made are […]

Rendition Celebrates Inc. 5000
  • December 20, 2019 by RenditionSec
  • Business

On Tuesday evening, Rendition Infosec was celebrated by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as one of the GA companies added to the Inc. 5000 this year. It was a great event with founders and principals from many phenomenal companies from across the state in attendance. Not too many years ago, Rendition was being run […]

Incident Response and OPSEC

It’s always important to consider OPSEC when performing incident response. We regularly work with clients to ensure that they don’t cause issues for themselves during the investigation. Tipping your hand to the attacker can result in a failed containment, which likely will lead to a failed remediation. Today, while teaching my last SANS Incident Response […]

WWHF Privilege Escalation Slides

On Friday morning, Rendition Founder Jake Williams had the honor of presenting at Wild West Hackin’ Fest in Deadwood, SD. He presented on privilege escalation tricks for Windows. Caveat: none of these tricks are particularly revolutionary, but they work. And that’s sort of the point. You don’t need 0-days to escalate in most networks and […]

iPhone Hacking and Indiscriminate Targeting

Yesterday, Google Project Zero announced that they discovered a campaign exploiting a wide range of iPhone models and iOS versions in the wild. Google shared details about the exploits and the malware, but little about the campaign itself. This may be to protect business interests or it may be to stop a panic of those […]

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