Russia/DNC indictment introduces new legal theories

There appear to be two new legal theories being tested in the indictment of the GRU military officers charged with hacking the DNC/DCCC. First there are allegations that the use of hacked DNC email accounts amounts to aggravated identity theft. This is interesting because it’s a clear departure from what we normally think of in […]

Rendition InfoSec Uniquely Positioned To Assist In Navigating New Cybersecurity And Critical Infrastructure Executive Order

New Executive Order focused on the need to strengthen cybersecurity and critical infrastructure of federal networks presents opportunity for government entities and contractors to turn “We think our networks are secure” into “We know our networks are secure.” Augusta, Georgia – May 22, 2017 – Rendition Infosec, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions […]

The “Digital Geneva Convention” – without attribution, it’s smoke and mirrors

Microsoft released their idea of a “Digital Geneva Convention” to help normalize behavior on the cyber battlefield.  The document, linked here, is generally well written and documents the need for a document of its type. The problems start by the second paragraph where a “Digital Geneva Convention” is compared to other non-proliferation treaties, such as those […]

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