From The Backroom To The Boardroom – Information Security Getting Its Due


Information, or cyber, security is no longer strictly an IT or “backroom” function and is having more and more of an impact on corporate success.


Augusta, GeorgiaAugust 28, 2017Rendition Infosec, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions and consultation, today announced that as cyber threats continue to increase and cyber-criminals continue to get smarter, corporations are putting more and more emphasis on the amount of time and money they are spending on the evaluation and implementation of information security measures.

“Cyber crime and cyber criminals are not going to go away,” says Jake Williams, Founder, and President of Rendition Infosec.  “In fact, the threat level will only increase as networks get tighter.  It’s unfortunate, but the criminal mind does not sleep, therefore, company leadership has been forced to shine a light on what has historically been a backroom discussion.  But now they are talking about it at the board-level and paying more and more attention to the importance of preparing before an attack occurs, which is a good thing because it’s not a matter of if an attack will happen, but when.”

In a recent Threat Intelligence Report by Dimension Data, which analyzed 18,000 companies, six billion attacks, and trillions of logs, it was documented that attacks against businesses and professional services firms moved from 9% to 15% over the past year.

“With the increase in attacks being almost 100-fold, the sheer criticality of information security should now pervade an organization,” continues Williams.   “The current cyber-security landscape implications are intrinsic to the need of daily decision-making, and collaboration with partners and customers should be the rule.  Companies that execute their information security plans well, will gain market share, profits, and favor with investors.”

Even with a talented IT staff in place, cyber criminals are working 24/7 to devise their next attack and it’s not a matter of if they will get through, but a matter of when they will get through.  With that in mind, another very cost-effective way to ensure that an organization is prepared is to develop a playbook with step-by-step instructions for each task that will be encountered when handling an incident.  Additionally, developing a playbook is not overly time-consuming and will pay for itself many times over when the next attack occurs and actually decreases costs when it comes time to hire an Incident Response (IR) contractor.

Things for companies to do to prepare in advance of an attack include:

  • Understand the technology so they are prepared to hire the right CRO (Chief Risk Officer) and IR contractors
  • Trust their IT staff – And if they don’t, find staff that they can trust
  • Know what the potential for impact is and prepare accordingly
  • Be confident that they can recover from a ransomware attack or other type of breach
  • Know the difference between electronic data and kinetic (physical) data
  • When considering the previous five points, always know how the organization will work with the right CRO and IR contractors to most effectively reduce costs and overall risk to the organization

Williams concludes, “By taking these few easy, yet important steps, companies can significantly impact the bottom line.”  “Yes, there will be an expense upfront, but that expense is minimal compared to when an unprepared organization is breached.  Again, the time to prepare for a breach is before it happens.”  

About Rendition InfoSec

Since its inception in 2013, Rendition InfoSec has provided Incident Response (IR), as well as preventive network security services to leading government and corporate agencies worldwide, ultimately ensuring complete network security and peace-of-mind.  For more information, please call 888-409-5811, email or visit  



Peter Nilsson
Performance Public Relations for Rendition Infosec

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