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RECON – Forensic Quick-triage Tool


RECON is designed, tested, and utilized by Rendition to conduct digital forensic and breach investigations worldwide. RECON is now available to the consumer market and allows you to harness the power of an enterprise grade forensics team – on demand!

Computer Forensics and Data Extraction


Is your computer acting “funny”? Rendition offers computer forensic and data extraction services direct to the consumer! Pricing includes expedited shipping, secure transport, and chain of custody.

Mobile Forensics and Photo Recovery


Rendition offers a full range of mobile forensics services from examining numerous cellular devices for a business investigation, to recovering files and photos for the everyday individual – securely and discreetly!

Candlelight – Business Email Compromise (BEC) Discovery Tool


Don’t let a business email compromise ruin your day! Rendition’s BEC tool can sift through the noise and lead you to ground truth, whether eDiscovery needs or due diligence, Rendition can help!