The Time To Prepare Is Now – Rendition Infosec Offers Five Secrets To Best Prepare For Incident Response

With several recent and prominent information/cyber security attacks making the headlines, top industry executive sharing his thoughts on how savvy companies should prepare for the next, inevitable information security event.

Augusta, GeorgiaJune 6, 2017 – Rendition Infosec, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions and consultation, today announced that the company is strongly urging companies of all sizes across all industries to prepare in advance of the next, inevitable cyber attack.

“Yes, there have been several prominent and highly visible cyber attacks, but the threat is, and has always been, there,” says Jake Williams, Founder and President of Rendition Infosec.  “It’s not a matter of if there will be another attack, it’s just a matter of when.  The time to prepare is now, not after the attack has occurred.  And that is why I am offering these five tips to help get companies secured and ready to respond when the next attack occurs.”

Five secrets of preparing for Incident Response:

  • Build a Playbook
  • Obtain Baselines
  • Incorporate Non-Traditional Staff
  • Use Tabletop Exercises Liberally
  • Learn To Speak Business

With cyber criminals working 24/7 to devise their next attack, executives and companies need to prepare in advance and the first step is to develop a playbook with step-by-step instructions for each task encountered when handling an incident.  Developing a playbook is not overly time consuming and will pay for itself many times over when the next attack occurs and actually decreases costs when it comes time to hire an IR contractor.

“Having a baseline of what your network should look like and having the right team in place to manage it are like possessing solid gold when an incident occurs,” continues Williams.  “Companies need to know where they are to begin with so it is easier to identify anomalies when the time comes to respond.”

Going through Tabletop Exercises and working mock incidents is critical to being able to effectively respond when an attack in the real-world happens and actually help companies identify weak points before an incident occurs.

“In my experience, when companies go through Tabletop Exercises, they realize that their original estimates of what could, or would, occur during an incident are very often not in line with reality.  So it’s important to rely on third-party providers to moderate Tabletop exercises with all pertinent internal personnel participating,” says Williams.

Effective IR is difficult and most organizations fail when it comes time to perform.

Williams concludes, “Knowing your network and having the necessary steps (A Playbook) in place to be managed by a well-practiced team when an incident occurs will ensure that companies respond effectively and mitigate any risk going forward.  The time to prepare is before the next incident takes place, not during or afterwards.”

 About Rendition InfoSec

Since its inception in 2013, Rendition InfoSec has provided Incident Response (IR), as well as preventive network security services to leading government and corporate agencies worldwide, ultimately ensuring complete network security and peace-of-mind.  For more information, please call 888-409-5811, email or visit

Peter Nilsson
Performance Public Relations for Rendition Infosec


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